Daire Carroll

Lynx in Scotland: the question of rewilding

You crest a hill in the Scottish Highlands and see a valley spread out before you. Instead of near barren heather mores,  close cropped by sheep, a forest of young growth oak and beech offers shelter to native bluebells and wood sorel. Among the boughs of the trees, you see...
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Posted Feb. 17, 2021

See-through soil revealing the hidden half of plant life

A team at the James Hutton Institute, a Scottish centre for crop research, has captured the corkscrew motion of roots growing through soil. This advance in our understanding of plant growth is possible thanks to a new imaging technology: transparent soil. Dr. Adalvan Martins led the work in the research...
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Posted Jun. 4, 2020

A promising new treatment for chronic liver disease

Trials, using viruses to eliminate bacterial infections linked to alcoholic hepatitis, show the hints of a new wave of treatments for the age of antibiotic resistance. The research also has much wider implications for the targeted control and manipulation of the gut microbiome.
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Posted Nov. 25, 2019