Constance Bobotsi

Free ice-skating rink coming to Kenilworth

Kenilworth will be offering a free ice-skating experience this Christmas, from Friday December 1 to Sunday December 3. Talisman Square in Kenilworth will be home to the 12 metres by 12 metres wide ice rink, which has a capacity of 50 people. The ice rink will be free of charge...
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Posted Oct. 25, 2017

Why join a society?

Warwick has hundreds of societies, but why join one? A Warwick student explains how societies have made her university experience incredible
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Posted Aug. 28, 2017

How to adapt when studying in a different country

Leaving your home for university is undeniably a difficult experience, but when it comes to leaving your country to go to university and sailing towards the truly unknown, the difficulties are much greater. One of the most challenging bits is overcoming the cultural barrier and adjusting to everyday life in...
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Posted Aug. 20, 2017

Club nights on campus AKA the infamous Copper Rooms

Being a fresher at Warwick means that you will get well acquainted with the infamous Copper Rooms in the SU building. Apart from occasional one-time specials, the Copper Rooms host three regular club nights, each having a very distinct character. Regardless of the numerous references to alcohol in the article,...
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Posted Aug. 17, 2017

Why we can’t solely rely on exams

Exam season is looming on the horizon, and it seems like we are all looking to moan about our course structure and how it could have been much better if we had designed it. Or at least that’s what I do. Being a first year, I’ve yet to experience the...
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Posted May. 5, 2017

Four fires in on-campus accommodation last year

Four fires occurred in on-campus accommodation during the academic year 2015-2016, a Freedom of Information (FoI) request by the Boar has revealed. Westwood, Rootes, Bluebell, and Claycroft were faced with one accidental fire incident each during the last academic year. The causes of the fires were determined to be not...
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Posted Mar. 29, 2017