Charlotte Crabtree

Epsitemic injustice in Britain: why should we amplify black voices?

With the rightful call to “amplify black voices” in British popular culture and academia on the rise, it’s important to reflect on exactly why this is so imperative. Realising our entanglement in a whitewashed, overtly celebratory and nationalistic history is a crucial first step. But to be able to untangle...
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Posted Jul. 20, 2020

Small change, big impact: metal straws

Eco-friendly alternatives for every-day products have engulfed the consumer market in the past decade. Among these, the metal straw stands tall as a current, trendy and exportable accessory to our beverages. But how effective are they in combatting the plastic crisis? We must admit: the metal straw is a stylish...
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Posted May. 4, 2020