Beth Laffin

Wednesdays now free after 1pm

University of Warwick has changed the policy on lectures on Wednesday afternoons bringing the time advised for lectures to finish to 1pm instead of 2pm.
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Posted Mar. 10, 2009

Warwick Atheists help to go national

Warwick Atheists became one of the 12 founding members of The National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies (AHS for short) which celebrated its launch in London on the 19th February.
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Posted Mar. 3, 2009

Darwin addresses modern problems

Over the next two months the University will celebrate Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of the publication of _The Origin of Species_ through a series of seminars dedicated to the the man himself and evolutionary theory in general. Hosted by the Biological Sciences Department the highlights include...
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Posted Jan. 20, 2009