Ben Morley

Ben Morley’s bucket list destination

I have never set foot outside of Europe. Naturally, then, when thinking of my dream bucket list holiday location, it would be outside my continent. After that, though, where? Perhaps the Southern Alps and Hobbiton of New Zealand, or a trip down the spine of Japan? Or potentially an adventurous trip in Brazil from the Amazon to Rio de Janeiro? They all sound amazing, and probably somewhere on my list, but the location I’d likely choose is the USA.
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Posted Jul. 20, 2021

Ben Morley’s travel nightmare

The week commencing 22nd July 2019 was one of the hottest in Europe in decades. Little did myself, brother or mum know as we trudged through the near 40 degree heat during our holiday, that it would cause a whole world of problems at our departure. Whenever it gets that hot a large storm usually occurs. It did. Then everything went wrong.
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Posted Jun. 30, 2021