Alexandra Luca

50 years of travel: what’s changed?

Calling yourself a “traveller” nowadays invites assumptions of Instagram influenced grandeur. Descriptions of “voyager” are normally found in gap year photo collections and in the “authentic” lifestyle blogs of Instagram influencers, who post highly-edited photos of themselves leaping across the globe. Whatever it is that we are looking to discover...
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Posted Feb. 6, 2024

In conversation with Kasper de Graaf, co-founder of The Boar

Chatting to Kasper de Graaf, co-founder of The Boar, is a bit like sharing stories with an older student about teachers, campus and extracurriculars. Except, this older student is around 50 years my senior, we have no common teachers, and the Warwick campus he grew up on looked quite different...
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Posted Dec. 10, 2023

Leamington is still lovely

This letter was written in response to a letter titled “Lovely Leamington” which was written in February 1978 Lovely Leamington Dear Bore, Having spent three delightful terms in Leamington last year, we, the undersigned, should like to express our shock and distaste at reading Ms. J. Hardman’s misconception in last...
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Posted Dec. 8, 2023

What will Warwick look like 50 years in the future?

In 2073 our ancestors will be celebrating the 100-year anniversary of The Boar, the Earth will be about 2 degrees warmer, and North West will be 60. Needless to say, times are uncertain. A comforting thought would be, what will not change at Warwick until then?  The unwittingly cringy (at...
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Posted Sep. 28, 2023

Is Warwick teetotaling? An inquiry into alcohol at Warwick.

Most Gen Zers (mid 1990s – early 2010s) have been of drinking age for more than 10 years now, and judging by their parents’ and grandparents’ debut drink, they offered a promising outlook on entering the alcohol market. In reality, trends show Gen Z is going dry, and not just...
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Posted Aug. 10, 2023