Alexandra Luca

Eurovision is absolutely political

This article is written in (unsolicited and unnecessary) response to a recent Comment article titled ‘Eurovision isn’t political’ Read the original article by Gaby Shedwick here    The author of the aforementioned article argues that the Eurovision Song Contest is apolitical through a personal lens. While she recognizes the existence...
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Posted Jul. 8, 2023

Why do we care so much about this?: the OceanGate catastrophe

A recent tragedy sheds light on where political interest lies. My phone has been constantly buzzing for the past week as news apps race each other in an effort worthy of telemarketers to get my attention. Every major newspaper’s website front page boasts a live section tracking the international effort to...
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Posted Jun. 26, 2023

The immigrants’ plight: mental health in Ukraine and abroad 

  Air raid sirens welcomed residents returning home to their families for Christmas celebrations amidst Russians bombings that reneged on the promised ceasefire. As we approach the one-year anniversary of a conflict that has shaken the world to its core and put military alliances to the test, support for Ukraine’s...
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Posted Jun. 6, 2023

Fur the love of dog! The future of pet travel

Dear furless friends, Are you frustrated with the overbearing air travel restrictions imposed on pets? Are you sick with worry whenever the airport check-in overlords banish your Golden Retriever to the aircraft hold? Do you cringe watching baggage handlers disinterestedly chucking around cargo? Do you dream of a future where...
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Posted May. 29, 2023