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Warwick’s Kirby Corner voted ‘Car Park of the Year’ by Britain’s “dullest man”

Kevin Beresford, Britain’s self-appointed “dullest man”, has awarded the University of Warwick the accolade of ‘Car Park of the Year’.

The car park in question is Kirby Corner, which is located near University House.

The building sits on the University’s main campus and boasts 1300 parking spaces across five floors, generating 10% of its energy using solar panels. The design was intentional with purposes both regarding functionality and aesthetics. According to a University press release, the car park “has ditched pillars and embraced wide parking bays to enhance the parking experience”.

The building gets better as you enter. A very up-to-date construction at the zenith of car park design

Kevin Beresford, Britain’s “dullest man”

Beresford, the self-titled “ambassador for the mundane”, said: “From the very first viewing of the Kirby Corner car park, my initial impression was what a sleek building it is, with its clean-looking lines. The building gets better as you enter. A very up-to-date construction at the zenith of car park design.”

A spokesperson for the University said: “On behalf of the University of Warwick, I am thrilled to express our heartfelt gratitude for the honour of being awarded ‘Car Park of the Year’ for our Kirby Corner, University House car park. This recognition marks our commitment to sustainability, convenience, and aesthetics. We thank you for this prestigious acknowledgement.”

Kevin Beresford ran a print shop in Redditch in 2003 when they released their first “roundabout calendar” to show off the town to their “best customers”. The calendar went viral, and Beresford went on to review other aspects of the mundane.

The “2024 Car Parks of the UK” calendar featuring Kirby Corner car park on the cover costs £12.50 and can be purchased here.


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