White outfit: Image: Ana Itonishvili/ Unsplash
Image: Ana Itonishvili/ Unsplash

Shorts story, long tale: unravelling summer’s hottest looks

It’s time to shed those winter layers and spring into summer fashion. As the mercury rises, so does our collective urge to look hot without melting down. We’re trading in our jumper weather for better weather this season, and our style forecast is looking bright.

Get ready to ‘crop’ and roll with this summer’s trends. We’re about to ‘sleeve’ you breathless with our rundown of must-have pieces that will have you looking cool while temperatures soar. From breezy basics to statement splash-makers, we’ve got the scoop on what’s hot when it’s hot. So, grab your shades and let’s dive into the sizzling styles of summer 2024.

Designers are spinning a new yarn this season, with crochet midi skirts and maxi dresses that are anything but your grandmother’s doilies

Short and sweet: the thigh’s the limit
Summer 2024 is all about embracing the ‘brief’ moments of sunshine, and nothing says ‘hello, heatwave’ quite like the return of the ultra-mini and micro shorts. These tiny titans of fashion are making big waves, proving that sometimes less really is more – at least when it comes to fabric.

The ultra-mini skirt, fresh off its magazine cover tour, refuses to be ‘hemmed’ in by convention. It’s rising to new heights (literally) and showing no signs of ‘falling’ out of favour. Meanwhile, micro shorts are having their ‘jean-ius’ moment, turning heads on runways and streets alike. Whether you’re brave enough to bare all or prefer to ‘boot-strap’ your look with some thigh-highs à la Alexander McQueen, one thing’s for sure – this summer, we’re all invited to play a cheeky game of ‘shorts and ladders’.

Knit picking: crochet your way through summer
While shorts may be stealing the spotlight, summer 2024 is weaving a more intricate fashion story. Enter the world of knitwear and crochet – proving that ‘yarn’ doesn’t always mean ‘yawn’ when it comes to warm-weather wardrobes.

Designers are spinning a new yarn this season, with crochet midi skirts and maxi dresses that are anything but your grandmother’s doilies. These airy creations are the perfect blend between beachwear and city chic, offering a ‘mesh’ of style and comfort. From & Other Stories’ versatile midi skirt to Chloé’s breezy maxis, these pieces are knitting together a summer look that’s both cool and collected.

But let’s not skirt around the issue – the floaty skirt remains a summer staple. As temperatures rise, these light and airy numbers become our sartorial saviours. Whether it’s a buttery-hued Topshop number or a sequined floral midi from Munthe, these skirts are proving to be the common thread in foolproof summer outfits. Paired with a simple cotton tee or tank, they’re the perfect recipe for beating the heat without sacrificing style.

So, this summer, why not weave some texture into your wardrobe? With knitwear and crochet, you can stay cool while looking hot – now that’s what we call a stitch in time.

This season, fashion is taking a stab at staying cool with cut-out dresses that are anything but a cut-and-dry trend

Trouser talk: riding high and pooling low
This summer, trousers are taking centre stage with a paradoxical twist. On one end, we’re seeing the rise of the super-high-rise, a trend that’s climbing to new heights faster than you can say ‘navel-grazing’. Loewe leads the charge, proving that high-waisted trousers are the ‘upper’ echelon of style for every occasion. Meanwhile, at the other extreme, puddle trousers are making a splash. These floor-sweeping styles from Khaite and Valentino are giving new meaning to the phrase ‘dragging your feet in style’.

But let’s not forget the middle ground – the laid-back luxe of pyjama-inspired trousers. Skall Studio’s striped numbers are the perfect ‘thread’ between comfort and chic, proving that sometimes, the best way to dress up is to dress like you’re staying in. Whether you’re aiming high, pooling low, or lounging in the middle, this summer’s trouser trends have got you covered – quite literally from waist to toe.

Slashing through summer: the cutting edge of cut-outs
This season, fashion is taking a stab at staying cool with cut-out dresses that are anything but a cut-and-dry trend. From LaQuan Smith’s white-hot slasher styles to Victoria Beckham’s strategic teardrops along the clavicle, these dresses are proving that less fabric can indeed be more. Helmut Lang’s slashed elbows and hip-high slits are turning up the heat while keeping wearers cool, offering a breezy solution to summer’s swelter. Whether you’re opting for a classic black number or daring to bare in white, these ventilated vestments are the perfect way to show some skin without revealing all your cards. So, this summer, why not take a cut at this trend? After all, it’s not just about looking cool – it’s about feeling it too.

As we wrap up our summer style forecast, it’s clear that 2024 is all about balance. From micro-minis to flowing maxi dresses, high-rise trousers to pooling puddle trousers, and intricate crochet to daring cut-outs, this season offers something for every fashion palate. Whether you’re baring it all or keeping it cool and covered, remember summer style is about expressing yourself while beating the heat. So go ahead, make a splash!


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