Nasibur Rahaman

Shore thing: the beachwear that’s causing a splash

Surf’s up, fashion lovers. The tides of style are rolling in, and we’re here to catch the biggest wave of swimwear trends for 2024. As the beaches beckon, I’m here to dish out the hottest looks that’ll have you turning heads and catching rays in style. From barely-there bikinis to...
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Posted Jul. 20, 2024

Delicious dialogues in distant domains

As an international student in the UK, I often find myself grappling with a profound sense of homesickness and a yearning for my cultural roots. The bustling streets of British cities, while exciting and full of opportunity, can sometimes feel like a world apart from the familiar sights, sounds, and...
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Posted Jul. 15, 2024

Fierce fingertips: the manicured manifestations of Eurovision’s uprising

Worldwide calls for a boycott, the constant loud booing at Israel’s performance in the arena, multiple contestants giving out messages of peace and ceasefire, disqualifying the Netherlands right before the grand finale, Malmö having a huge protest in solidarity with Palestine liberation right outside the arena, leaking of votes, cancelling...
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Posted Jun. 12, 2024

Plough your way into garden glamour

Relocate from the metallic going-out tops because the must-have style for spring is blooming right out of the flower beds. That’s correct – the whimsical and natural ‘garden girl’ look is the epitome of style for fashion enthusiasts. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb – even those...
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Posted May. 31, 2024

Building a home: my Ramadan experience at university

There is a word in Arabic called ‘Ummah’, which has a lot of significance in Islam because it means community. For the longest time, I read this word at face value and simply went about my days, but for the first time this year, I realised the value it holds....
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Posted Apr. 21, 2024