Festival/ Image: Wendy Wei/ Pexels
Image: Wendy Wei/ Pexels

2024 festival fashion trends

Glastonbury — the largest and most renowned music festival in the UK — has just passed, alongside several other festivals such as Download and the Isle of Wight Festival. Therefore, it has become undeniable that festival season has taken full force in the UK. With Wireless and All Points East fast approaching, it’s prime time to check out the trending attire and accessories to amplify your festival experience. Whether you choose to prioritize functionality over fashion or intend to stand out from the crowd – understanding what is popular and what is to be avoided, is the perfect place to start in selecting your festival fit. So, before you start packing for any of your festivals, let’s unpack what’s in and what’s out.

In – ‘cowboy-core’
As always, inspired by the one and only, Beyoncé. With the release of Cowboy Carter, we’ve seen an increase in cowboy hats and boots, with a side of fringe and chaps. These pieces have been a staple in festival fashion for the prior couple of years, but it has undeniably grown recently with LTK experiencing a 65% increase in searches for ‘cowboy’. This aesthetic is functional, yet experimental, which makes it suitable for all audiences, which further explains its consistent popularity.

Festivals, apart from the stellar performances, are known for requiring a significant amount of walking and standing to perfect your experience. Therefore, a pair of cowboy boots (as an alternative to wellies) make for the faultless shoe choice to balance style and comfort in the wild west of muddy fields and big crowds. The cowboy hat additionally delivers in both categories, as an accessory which not only looks cute but also defends you from the bright sun in the hottest summer of our lives (until next year – thanks to global warming).

If you are considering wearing heels, I want you to think again

Out – disregarding your wellbeing
I love festivals as much as the next girl, but the experience can be tainted by poor preparation and poorly made decisions. For that reason, let me rule out some of the options you may have to ensure that we are prioritising self-care this festival season. Notably, if you are considering wearing heels, I want you to think again. If you are still considering wearing heels, please think a third time. Festivals are notorious for having an uneven ground and you will be in pain before the set you paid extortionate amounts of money for starts. You will not be able to dance and engage with the performance to the extent you deserve. On the topic of footwear, I would recommend avoiding sandals and slides due to the unpredictability of the weather, to protect yourself from crowds, and to allow you to get to the stage in a decent time to get the best view.

Another item we should cross off our to-buy list is big bulky jackets, particularly leather or fur. The heat of the sun and the crowds, as well as the risk of mud, stains and spilt drinks, leave these materials an undesirable option for a core part of your outfit. These materials should be reserved for bags and accessories, and generally, the big bulky jackets should be left at home, so they don’t restrict your movement during the festival.

I believe we should all be rocking our own aesthetics this festival season with some practical considerations

In – authenticity
This may look a little hypocritical after I spent 173 words trying to convince you to become a cowboy and another 233 with excessive aggression demanding you to not wear specific items, but ultimately your festival fit should, in the spirit of brat girl summer, be authentic and heighten your self-confidence.

I’m attending All Points East with my friends this August, and while I am following my own advice about the lack of heels and fur, I will not be engaging in any cowboy activities. I’m excited to use this music festival to engage with my own creativity and artistry and use this opportunity to express and explore my personal style.

Festivals exist beyond mundane reality, in a realm which encourages freedom and self-expression. I believe we should all be rocking our own aesthetics this festival season with some practical considerations in which we swap out the fur for some sun cream.


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