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Fans “feel the warmth” as Tiny Habits take the stage at Birmingham’s O2 Institute

O2 Institute, Birmingham, 28th May 2024

As we wait for Tiny Habits to take the stage, a hum of voices, charged with excitement, buzzes throughout the room, backed by pre-show music from the Japanese House, Ethel Cain, and Troye Sivan. With support act Shallow Alcove having just blown us all away with their honest lyrics, previews into unreleased songs, and lilting melodies, we can’t wait to be transported yet again by the euphonic sound of Tiny Habits’ Cinya Khan, Judah Mayowa, and Maya Rae’s voices.

Having met at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, the band began their music journey together just three years ago. After being catapulted into the public eye by their original acoustic rearrangements of countless songs, uploaded to TikTok and Instagram, such as that of Lizzy McAlpine’s ‘All My Ghosts’ and The Script’s ‘Breakeven,’ the trio released their first EP, Tiny Things, on 12 April 2023. This concert marks one of many from their first North American and UK/European headliner tour, Little Bit Farther. They came ready to perform tracks from their debut album, All For Something, released during this tour, on 24 May 2024, and they did not disappoint, performing a sound like no other.

The audience remains mesmerised, staring up at the stage, not daring to interrupt until it ends

Following applause and loud cheers, the audience is completely, and immediately, captivated as the sound of the album’s first song, ‘Circling’ fills the venue, establishing the same environment of warmth we have all become so familiar with, having heard their voices through our headphones before. Flowing into ‘one more’ as effortlessly as the trio’s voices blend together, the audience remains mesmerised, staring up at the stage, not daring to interrupt until it ends, when the crowd erupts into cheers once again.

Immediately launching into ‘Small Enough,’ followed by ‘delay’ and ‘Mudroom,’ all were struck by the incredible raw talent of the trio on stage, within not just their harmonies, but also within their lyrics, wherein the themes of love, hurt, heartbreak, and the confusion and pain that comes with growing up are expressed. Their continual attention to the mundanities of life within their lyrics, such as their description of someone loved as “a porch swing at a sunrise” in ‘Mudroom,’ were only made more evident and striking when heard live, and only further add to the comforting atmosphere created by their voices. Thus, from a mere five songs, sung by no more than a group of three, an audience is enraptured, and a sense of real connectivity is established amongst a crowd.

A deafening applause then fills the Institute, as Mayowa begins speaking to the audience for the first time, with an enthusiasm which only heightened the infective stage presence already created by the trio, as they dance and sway and mimic the instruments they were playing earlier. They then dive into their next song, ‘Flicker,’ before covering Billie Eilish’s ‘What Was I Made For?’, the smooth riffs and harmonies have countless members of the crowd exclaiming, ‘whooping,’ clapping, and tearing up – something which continued to occur throughout the concert.

Despite this being the band’s first-ever headliner tour, it is evident the three artists were made for the stage

They follow this up with some original songs, both old and new, and with some covers, including one of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide,’ which they have the audience participate in with the harmonies. After performing fan-favourite ‘hemenway,’ the second song the band ever released, and their new album’s ‘I Don’t Have the Heart,’ Khan, Mayowa, and Rae leave the stage. Though the lights went down, the energy following such an enchanting show keep it illuminated, as the audience call for an encore, which the band gladly adhere to, coming back to give a stunning performance of ‘pennies’ and ‘tiny things,’ receiving one final rapturous applause.

Despite this being the band’s first-ever headliner tour, it is evident the three artists were made for the stage, and were born to come together, having sung perfectly synchronised, without a note out of place. As they all take their bows, it is apparent that the band’s love for one another extends to their adoring fans, whose swaying in unison and wide-eyed smiles up at the stage only reflects the trio’s talent.

Overall, Tiny Habits created the most beautiful, warm atmosphere I have ever witnessed live, with nothing but their presence and their voices. I have no doubt the music they are yet to release, and the tours they are yet to do, will be nothing short of successful.



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