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Keep up with spring 2024 trends with these must haves in your closet

Layering reached its pinnacle in fashion and swept the industry this winter, but it’s time to give it a much-needed rest. Spring is almost here, which means it’s time to pull colours, sheers and fringes out from behind the closet. Although it is risky to defy fashion conventions and wear un-layered items with subtle texture and complexity this spring, there is still an opportunity to look amazing by dressing practically for the weather.

Going by the styles that swept over Paris, Milan, London, and New York for the spring and summer collections of 2024, this will be a season all about the past. Designers evoked nostalgia in us. The majority of runways this year have seemed like throwbacks of the ’90’s and early 2000’s: reinterpreting fringes, creating fitted trousers with a high waist, organising sheer fabric with structure, and reintroducing floral prints.

When the long grey coats finally come off, what will we all be wearing? These are the essential wardrobe pieces for the next season.

There has to be a way to go from last season’s heavy layering to something lighter and airier while looking put together. Choose some sheer basics, such as an overlay dress or shirt, to stay in line with the spring 2024 style. Select some eye-catching sheer trousers if you’re feeling a little risqué. If you’re not ready to give up on layering, try wearing a sheer top over a simple pastel top.

Blanc slate
Now the gloomy, rainy days are over, let’s enjoy the sunshine by wearing your essential whites. A classic white dress, whether it is well-crafted or has elaborate embroidery, will provide you with plenty of room to feel carefree and airy as the sun approaches. However, white does not necessarily have to be light and flowing. If you are more of a sleek, sophisticated girl, we’ve got you covered with expertly fitted all-white dresses. You don’t want to spill anything on them, so just use caution when wearing them to brunch.

Fringe with benefits
Fringe makes the list, not just in the hearts of the designer, but also in our recommendations as one of the most versatile elements in use. Fringe is all over this season, from skirts to jackets to formal dinners and beachwear. Investing in a quality jacket and wearing it over basic pieces is a great way to incorporate it. If you’re in the mood for a party, a beautiful fringed sparkling dress also works well. Simply put your needs first and make an impression.

Bloom bloom bloom, I want you in my room
When discussing spring, you have to include flowers somewhere on the list. Flowers, in all their varieties, were seen on practically every runway, so it was impossible to overlook them. You may add flowers in any form or style, from prints to textured shoulder accents. Purchasing a dress or a patterned top for the picnic dates would be the most cost-effective option. To really make a statement though, a pair of painted or embroidered flowery denim works wonders.

Rise and shine
If you’re looking to accentuate your silhouette, look no further than owning a pair of high-waisted trousers. You’re in luck, too, because they are a springtime favourite. Simply match these trousers with a fitted crop top to seem tall and sleek as you go about your day. The trousers themselves are a statement of elegance, sleekness and simplicity.

Who said fashion has to be practical? It should be about turning heads, and if you have to give up your light and airiness, so be it. Sequins and metallics never seem to leave the fashion scene, which is good for us, as the sun can highlight them. A metallic or sequin dress goes a long way, but this season, give metallic separates a thought. Get yourself a pretty sequin shirt and pair it with some plain trousers or short skirts, and when you enter a room, make sure your personality is not the only thing sparkling.


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