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10 years in the making – the imminent reveal of Grand Theft Auto VI

Grand Theft Auto, a dynamic and innovative franchise developed by Rockstar Games, released its latest instalment just over 10 years ago. Grand Theft Auto V has become a cult-classic within the video game industry, with a massive community following the game. According to Statista, the game reached its all time high for concurrent players in February 2020 – with over 220,000 concurrent players at its peak. In September of this year, the player count was 166,000. With a decade of gaming on a single title, the fanbase does not seem to be slowing down.

However, with each passing day, the community seems to be on edge for the long-awaited announcement of Rockstar’s sequel. For a game that has been ported across three generations of consoles (from the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 days to the PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X/S), a sequel is long overdue.

Last February saw a massive announcement leak of Grand Theft Auto VI being in development. Rockstar Games suffered from the reveal, and was forced to officially announce that the title was in active development. An unprecedented amount of in-progress game footage was stolen from the company’s servers, ultimately leading to two teenagers being convicted.

In a surprising turn of events, a Bloomberg report indicated that Rockstar Games, a division of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., are going to officially announce the next Grand Theft Auto instalment this week. In addition, the publisher will also release a trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI next month to coincide with and celebrate Rockstar’s 25th anniversary.

In a statement from Rockstar Games’ X feed (formally Twitter), a chain of tweets said: “Next month marks the 25th anniversary of Rockstar Games. Thanks to the incredible support of our players worldwide, we have had the opportunity to create games we are truly passionate about.”

Sam Houser, the founder of Rockstar Games, concluded the chain with the following statement: “We are very excited to let you know that in early December, we will release the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto. We look forward to many more years of sharing these experiences with all of you.”

Grand Theft Auto VI has its sights set on the horizon, yet we may have to wait a little longer before we get our hands on this highly anticipated title.


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