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The ultimate Fresher’s playlist

There is nothing that gets you through freshers like a good set of songs – from your unpacking playlist as you set up your room, to the mandatory ‘Pres Playlist’ that gets you pumped up for a night out or a night in as you get to know your flatmates. So here are my suggestions of the songs to survive (and thrive!) in Freshers. 


‘Vienna’ by Billy Joel: While Coventry is not exactly Vienna, this Billy Joel classic perfectly embodies the mad dash of Freshers – there’s so much going on, you feel like you have to do everything, and you just don’t have enough time (or social battery). This is a reminder that you can ‘slow down, you’re doing fine’; Freshers won’t be the highlight of your university life and the rest of your Warwick journey is indeed waiting for you. 


‘Homemade Dynamite’ by Lorde (feat. Khalid, Post Malone & SZA): Not only does this song have a star-studded lineup with a vibe that spans numerous music tastes, but it is also an anthem for that newfound freedom where you can just do whatever you want, whenever you want. This is your sign to revel in a little recklessness. 


‘Gasolina’ by Daddy Yankee or ‘Pepas’ by Farruko: These Spanish tunes are absolute bops and are guaranteed to get everyone hype no matter where you are. They will also play without fail on every single night out, so if you know the words, you’re guaranteed to have an even better time. 


‘Mess’ by Noah Kahan: While Kahan’s song ‘Homesick’ from his latest album Stick Season may hit what you’re feeling on the nose, this song from his 2019 album Busyhead feels even more apt as he explores growing and changing, and sometimes just wanting to be back home. It serves as a beautiful reminder you don’t need to have everything figured out and you’re allowed to miss the places that shaped you growing up. 


‘Call Me on Your Way Home’ by Emily James: After the whirlwind of Freshers Week, this calming acoustic melody is a sweet reminder to make sure you give your parents or your friends from home a call or text to check in when you’re on your way home to your flat from a lecture; trust me, you will both appreciate it massively. In a time where everything is so new and uncharted territory, having the comfort of someone familiar in your life goes a long way. 


‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen: You will inevitably end up at POP! at some time during your Warwick career and when this comes on every single person is going for it. This throwback song will serve you well on karaoke nights at the Dirty Duck and come in very handy when you’re scrambling during Radio Check (you’ll find out what that means in your first circle!). 


‘Campus’ by Vampire Weekend: This song very much channels main character of an early 2000s movie energy, as you’re walking across campus past the Koan and hordes of geese. Welcome to life on campus! And while the first person you meet won’t necessarily be the love of your life, this song serves as a cute backing track to your campus crushes. 


‘Dog Days Are Over’ by Florence + The Machine: Iconic from the opening lick, this Florence + The Machine anthem screams of the promise and possibilities you have lying ahead of you in your next few years here. While your uni experience doesn’t have to be completely perfect right from the start, this song leaves you on a high, excited for the incredible memories you will make. 


Warwick also has such a great music scene on campus with our very own students, from Jesse Ayo, Sonny Dylan, and Aressa Soraya, to name a few, to all of the participants in Band Soc’s Battle of the Bands, Wick Fest, and every open mic night in Leam, so be sure to throw yourselves into those too! Whatever the soundtrack to your Freshers looks like, you’ll find that music brings people together, whether sharing a song in a class or screaming it in a club. It can carry you through the tougher times too, as you adjust to what your new life looks like, as well as hyping you up as you embrace your new independence. 


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