Sanjana Iyer

Girl math: empowering or patronising?

There is nothing like the solidarity of a community of women justifying arguably unnecessary purchases which make them happy. However, there is also nothing like the way society jumps at the chance to mock women for supposedly being clueless. The TikTok phenomenon of ‘girl math’ encompasses both, but which side...
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Posted Nov. 1, 2023

Warwick Racing helps launch Formula Student Africa 

“Trailblazing”. “Inspiring”. “Unforgettable”. When speaking to members of the Warwick Racing Team, these were the words they used to describe their trip to South Africa in late February to help launch Formula Student Africa.   Yet this initiative started much earlier. The first seeds were sown one year ago, and...
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Posted Jun. 5, 2023

Why we deserve live music at graduation

Countless library all-nighters, cramming for exams, honestly most of us probably never thought we’d make it to this day. Graduation. And there is nothing that makes graduation day a more beautiful celebration of everything we have achieved than the band and the choir there to serenade us into our (actual)...
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Posted May. 14, 2023