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Play in harmony: Kwalee’s Wildmender partners with the Rainforest Alliance

On 28 September, Kwalee’s new PC and console game Wildmender is set to release globally. In an exciting turn of events, the game (which is developed by Muse Games and published by Leamington Spa’s very own Kwalee) has collaborated with the Rainforest Alliance.

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-governmental organisation based in over 20 countries, with operations taking place globally. This time around, the organisation chose to fight for its environmental goals digitally by teaming up with the upcoming Wildmender from Muse Games, an NYC-based independent game development studio. They focus on boundary-pushing co-op and systems-driven gameplay, to bring people closer together through gaming.

Muse Games is the team behind the award-winning and best-selling Guns of Icarus series, which features team-based multiplayer airship combat set in a post-apocalyptic, steam/dieselpunk-inspired world. The studio’s other past projects include the award-winning and top-selling titles Hamsterdam, CreaVures, and Embr.

Muse Games’ international partnership with the Rainforest Alliance hopes to merge the region’s vibrant gaming sector with pressing global environmental concerns, through fundraising and increased exposure, especially to young gaming audiences. The global alliance has already helped bring together farmers and forest communities, companies, governments and millions of individuals. By bringing together these two worlds, they seek to engage and educate players about their impact on the environment, as well as the role they could play in saving it.

It’s unique way of merging reality and fantasy together, as the player has to face challenges in-game that correlate with real world issues

So… what is Wildmender?

According to the Steam synopsis, Wildmender is a desert gardening survival game, where you can cultivate lands and explore a vast world amid the sands and uncover its mysteries. The player is tasked with restoring life to a dying world, accompanied by a spirit guide, Vidyas. Throughout the game, the player will be able to travel and restore the altars of five gods and remove the corruption that infects their part of the world. Each of the gods’ areas embodies their elements and natural processes, such as water, storms, time and more! It’s a unique way of merging reality and fantasy together, as the player has to face challenges in-game that correlate with real world issues. Some of the themes that arise include natural cycles, environmental damage, restoration processes and creating harmony with nature.

Howard Tsao, Team Lead at Muse Games talked about the cause behind the game’s development:

“We created Wildmender as a really fun game, of course – but also one with an important message in its heart. To succeed in the game, you need to restore life to a dying world. That’s exactly what the Rainforest Alliance is trying to achieve – and we’re so happy to be able to support its efforts through this partnership.”

The partnership will benefit the non-governmental organisation as exclusive downloadable content (DLC) will be available – players will be able to purchase a Rainforest Alliance Frog Hat in which its proceeds will go towards a company fundraiser.

In an exclusive press release, Marco Maggiorotto, the Global Brand Marketing Director at the Rainforest Alliance, said:

“Gaming has the power to transcend virtual boundaries and shed light on critical issues, especially among younger generations. The Wildmender x Rainforest Alliance collaboration seamlessly blends the thrill of gameplay with an urgent environmental message. In Wildmender, millions of gamers are called to embrace and critically reflect on their role in preserving and restoring nature, within both the game’s universe and our reality. Through this creative partnership, the Rainforest Alliance hopes to motivate and empower people to uphold our joint responsibility of restoring the balance between people and nature.”

This partnership is an exciting showcase for the gaming industry. It sends a message to both consumers and developers about a story that resonates with both players and anyone passionate about sustainability and environmental causes. Wildmender is the perfect game to translate the efforts of the Rainforest Alliance into the real world by fostering environmental awareness.

Keep an eye out on Muse Games’ Wildmender, and become more proactive in nurturing the planet when the game launches on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation at 4pm BST on 28 September!


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