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Nintendo, Sony and Xbox reportedly skipping E3 2023

A report by IGN has claimed that Nintendo, Sony and Xbox are poised to skip E3’s first physical event in four years.

According to sources, none of the big three first-party console manufacturers will attend E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Centre in June.

The reasons for this are varied depending on the company.

VGC reported that Nintendo opted not to take part in the event due to a light release schedule for the rest of the year, which it believed did not justify the event space.

Microsoft is due to host a separate event on the weekend before E3 2023, a physical showcase that will take place in the same venue. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer had previously confirmed that the company would be returning to Los Angeles for its annual summer showcase.

Sony had originally dropped out of E3 in 2019 due to “reported disagreements” with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), and IGN cites publishers who have expressed dissatisfaction with ESA’s partnership with ReedPop to revive E3. It is unknown if Sony is one of those companies.

In response to the report, the ESA provided a message addressing the claims.

It read: “As you have likely seen, IGN published an article last night about E3. While we are not able to comment on the specific claims in the article, we wanted to share our commitment to moving forward with E3.

“E3 has a rich history within our industry, and we are always heartened to feel the passion for the show and hear what it means to different people. Reviving a tradeshow after a three-year hiatus and a global pandemic was always going to have its challenges, which is why we conducted an extensive search (in consultation with the ESA member companies) to identify the best partner to produce E3. In selecting ReedPop as our partner, we have been able to tap into their rich history of hosting popular industry events, like PAX, and broader consumer shows, like Comic Con.

“They have made strong progress in reshaping the event and have received tremendous support from industry companies of all sizes who are not only thinking about E3 2023, but how E3 fits into marketing plans for 2024 and beyond.

“It’s important to note that even as the show evolves and adapts, it will not impact the core of ESA’s work for its member companies. Our priority remains advocating for your policy interests on the state and federal level.

“We will share news and developments regarding E3 as they are available. If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out to me. Thank you for your ongoing support.”


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