Pret to stop their subscription service at University of Warwick site

Pret have announced to its regular customers that they will no longer be able to make use of the Pret Coffee Subscription at their University of Warwick shop.

This change will come into effect on 2 January 2023, when students return to campus after the winter holidays.

The removal of this service has caused a significant uproar amongst many students, although it is also unsurprising, following the degree of criticism the chain coffee shop has received over the subscription’s effect on the general quality of service.

In contact with their customers, the Pret team remarked that this was a “difficult decision” and that it was a necessary change for them to continue providing their customers “with the great Pret experience you expect when visiting our shop.”

As compensation, current subscribers have been given the opportunity of 50% off any hot drink between 2 January and 31 January.

One student has remarked that the removal of subscriptions will “help me combat my caffeine addiction”.

However, an Instagram account, @warwickpretaction, has been set up in order to encourage students to use Pret’s contact service to complain about the change.

It is unclear as to whether only the University of Warwick site is subject to this change, but the Exeter University shop has been excluded previously.

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