Image: Robin Stott/ Wikimedia Commons
Image: Robin Stott/ Wikimedia Commons

New 129-acre country park in Warwickshire announced

Warwickshire District Council has approved the plans for a new 129-acre (49-hectare) park named Tachbrook Country Park.

This park will be located south of Warwick and Leamington Spa and it will be the fifth country park in Warwickshire.

Tachbrook Country Park will include play areas, a habitat for wildlife, food-growing areas, and public access paths that will connect already existing walk and cycle paths in the region.

This announcement, made on November 9, comes after the Council declared an “ecological emergency” and set the agenda of the council in favour of increasing biodiversity.

The decision to create a new park in the Warwickshire region comes as a result of an open consultation with locals in November 2019 and March 2020, where a near-unanimous decision was reached to create a new Country park.

Conservative councillor and leader of Warwick District Council Andrew Day has said: “This much anticipated Country Park that will provide accessible, sustainable green space and an array of public benefits for all ages.”

Sean Deely, a parish councillor added: “This is a significant step forward in delivering a fantastic new amenity that will vitally connect local communities and serve many more. This unlocks the next stages in delivering the Tachbrook Country Park, which we are aiming to complete as soon as is feasibly possible.”

This park is planned to support the increase in the number of residents in Bishop’s Tachbrook and Heathcore, and it will become one of the largest green spaces in the district. It will also connect housing developments with a local school in Oakley.

Further information about Tachbrook Country Park can be found by visiting the Warwick District Council website.


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