BREAKING: Protest in solidarity of Iranian women in Piazza today

Students at the university of Warwick have come together in solidarity with global protests against police brutality and discrimination against women in Iran.

The death of Mahsa Amini has led to protests across the world. She died in police custody after being arrested for the crime of not wearing a hijab.

At the Univeristy of Warwick, a community of students from Iran and other international cultures have come together from 12pm today in the Piazza. With the support of Persian Society, and Warwick Anti-Sexism Society, a protest has been organised to support Iranian women and the current movement against the Iranian government’s regime.

The students participating in the protest have signs stating “Women, Life, Freedom” and chant “Femme – Vie – Internationale – Solidarit√©”.

When the leaders of the protest were asked what their purpose is, they said: “We want the whole world… to support the people of Iran. We want the UK, as we are students here, to hear our voices.”

The protest organiser said he could sum up the events in Iran with four questions: “Did you know that six-year-old girls, when they start school, must wear a compulsory hijab in Iran? Did you know that men and women cannot eat dinner in the same place in the universities in Iran? Did you know women must sit on specific seats when using public transport in Iran? Did you know it is a criminal offence to let your hair blow in the winds on the streets of Iran?”

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