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Moodle and Tabula Warwick pages go offline for over an hour

Both the Moodle and Tabula pages for Warwick students crashed earlier on Tuesday afternoon. 

Since roughly 1PM on Tuesday afternoon visitors to both sites were met with error messages.

Moodle came back online from around 2 30pm, with Tabula returning to normal operations 10 minutes later.

The university posted a system status update shortly before 2pm stating ‘We are aware of an issue affecting various web applications and are currently investigating’.

Just before 4pm, they issued another update, noting that ‘Service has been restored on some applications and we are working to restore the remaining. We are still investigating the root cause’.

The crash came amid deadlines on Wednesday for students from various courses and for those self-certifying from last week’s deadline.

One affected student told the Boar they were, ‘frustrated with my inability to access revision material so close to exam season.’

After reaching out for comment, the University told the Boar, ‘A technical issue has affected certain University web applications this afternoon, including Moodle and Tabula.

‘Our IT Services teams are actively looking into fixing this, and some of the applications have already been restored. You can follow live updates here on which applications are still affected.”


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