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Close to 200 arrests after multi-week protest at Kingsbury Oil Depot

The group Just Stop Oil have conducted a protest at Kingsbury Oil Depot, just North of Coventry, since April 1st. After multiple protests and breaches, 180 people have so far been arrested by the police.

The group tweeted last Thursday to say they had entered the facility and their presence could affect ‘fuel supplies to petrol stations across England.’ They added that the Government, ‘could end this now by halting new oil and gas.’

After the police arrived, they arrested over 100 members of Just Stop Oil, as young as 25 and as old as 71. They were taken on suspicion of criminal damage and conspiracy to commit public nuisance.

Protests continued last week and into the weekend where 29 more people were taken into custody.

A statement from the Police a few days ago said they, ‘respect people’s right to peaceful protest,’ but insisted they would always “take action against those who break the law and significantly impact on the lives and livelihoods of others.”

“…there is only minimal disruption to the local community and local road network.”

–Chief Inspector of Warwickshire Police

The Chief Inspector of Warwickshire Police, Darren Webster, further said that he “would like to reassure local people the protests today have been contained… and there is only minimal disruption to the local community and local road network.”

Just Stop Oil protestors, alongside Extinction Rebellion, have targeted several other local places for protest including the BP Oil Depot in Birmingham, and Esso Fuel Birmingham Terminal. Nationally, the group have received prominence for physical protests at Football games, including tying themselves to goal posts. It comes after a rise in Climate Civil Disobedience, including other groups like Insulate Britain.

Their aims are to stop oil industry expansion by the Government, and spread awareness of the dangers of the fossil fuel industry and the wider climate crisis.


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