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Image: Wikimedia Commons / Steve Walton

Warwick Arts Centre Mead Gallery reopens with Rana Begum’s ‘Dappled Light’ exhibition

The Mead Gallery in Warwick Arts Centre has reopened following over two years of closure with Rana Begum’s ‘Dappled Light’ exhibition.

Starting on 13th January 2022, the exhibition will run for exactly two months until 13th March 2022. 

The Mead Gallery was originally built in 1986 and has hosted artists including Phyllida Barlow and Gerard Byrne, establishing its international reputation for hosting contemporary art. 

Begum’s exhibition will aim to explore how individuals perceive light and colour by using vibrant paintings, sculptures and installations. The artwork itself is considered deeply abstract with new large-scale works suited to the Mead Gallery’s requirements. 

The different artworks showcase how light changes following interaction with work, alongside a video installation capturing light in a woodland throughout different citizens. 

Rana Begum has had her work in exhibitions and art collections throughout the world, with one of the first public organisations to collect her work two decades ago the University hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire. 

The opening event took place on Thursday 13th January between 6pm and 8pm, with free entries and some complimentary drinks.


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