Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

A Day of Mourning

Awoken by the alarm’s joyless shrill. 

Last night’s result still raging raw. 

Though the boys gave their all on the field, 

The distressing defeat will be rued: 

Great glory may have righted the records, 

And soothed our barren sixteen-month ride. 


TV’s awash with commiserations 

Whilst the loyals seek to lay blame. 

Yet some light the flame of brutal hatred, 

Leaving many to scorn lunacy’s steam. 

Seems the nation’s power to unite 

Or divide is no subject to time. 


Recovering from the football fever, 

We remember what matters most: 

The underbelly of hate must be quenched, 

And Normalcy must arrive with haste. 

But love and delight mustn’t be forgotten – 

We must value life as we are blessed.


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