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BREAKING: Protect Warwick Women have moved from the piazza to University House

Protect Warwick Women (PWW) have moved their sexual assault and welfare occupation in the piazza to University house following a period of 2 weeks where the University of Warwick did not respond to their demands.

Protect Warwick Women have occupied the piazza for over 8 weeks, and have now moved their occupation to University House, as they believe it is “100% necessary” in order to “ensure” their demands are “implemented”.

Protect Warwick Women and Shame on You Warwick had recently organised a protest in support for student welfare last Sunday, which involved speeches by organisers of the protest, as well as testimonies of survivors of sexual misconduct.

In a statement after the movement of their occupation, Protect Warwick Women said: “For us to effective use the ‘established channels of communications’ we have with the University, we need more information from the University”

They added: “We will not de-occupy until the University direct contacts us to discuss our new conditions of de-occupation that were sent to them on the 17th May”


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