Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

A Student’s Dream

Thought that by this time

I’d be taken to new heights, 

Aided in my climb

Towards my mind’s ideal light; 

Be guided and trained

Like a fighter fit for bout, 

With much knowledge gained

And discourse skill without doubt. 


Guessed I’d know the world, 

Top to bottom, all around, 

And gain wisdom’s pearls

From traversing unknown grounds;  

Finding out my place

In a tense society, 

And equipped to face 

All of life’s variety. 


Hoped to find the one

That would have my life complete. 

One who, like the sun, 

Can remind me that life’s sweet; 

With lonely hours ceased, 

So would worries for life’s end, 

As I’ll be at peace

Knowing there’s dear time to spend. 


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