Image: Warwick Esports
Image: Warwick Esports

Warwick Esports face Coventry Phoenix in unofficial eVarsity contest

Warwick Esports will represent the University of Warwick during an unofficial eVarsity weekend on 20-21 February.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Coventry University withdrew from all in-person sport last September, effectively cancelling Varsity 2021.

However, Coventry, who are set to return to physical events at the start of the 2021/22 season, will participate in eVarsity Weekend to continue the annual tradition of competition between the city’s two universities.

The fixture sees the renewal of old rivalries, with Coventry Phoenix hoping to improve on their shut-out performance at Varsity 2020.

Warwick Esports swept their ring road rivals at last year’s competition, securing victories in Dota, Overwatch B05, and League of Legends.

There’s usually a fair bit of banter and trash-talk when we do these things, which is always fun

– Alex Petropoulos

“To be honest, we’re all a bit disappointed that we won’t get to play the games in person on Coventry’s campus,” Overwatch captain and provisional director of communications Alex Petropoulos told The Boar Sport.

“That’s always one of the highlights of the year as it’s an excuse to meet the people you’ve been playing with in person. We’re still all super pumped for it though. There’s usually a fair bit of banter and trash-talk when we do these things, which is always fun.”

Students Union (SU) Sports Officer Charlotte Lloyd admitted that the cancellation of Varsity 2021 came as a blow to Warwick’s student athletes.

“Sports clubs are understandably disappointed,” Lloyd told The Boar Sport, “but it just wouldn’t be safe to host 40+ fixtures in the current circumstances.”

The University of Warwick is undefeated in Varsity competition against Coventry University, winning 30 consecutive titles at the annual event.

eVarsity 2021 Fixture List:

Saturday 21 February

  • Valorant (B03) – 12:00
  • League of Legends (B03) – 15:00
  • CSGO (B03) – 17:30

Sunday 22 February

  • Overwatch (B05) – 12:00
  • Rainbow Siege Six (B03) – 14:00

NB: All fixtures to be streamed live on Twitch.

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