Image: The Boar
Image: The Boar

Warwick Angels ascend in dominant victory against Coventry Phoenix

Warwick Esports’ impressive Varsity results continued with a 3-0 victory in Overwatch over Coventry Phoenix, aided by some impressive displays by their team captain Tanski as Reinhardt. 

The Warwick Overwatch team were huge favourites coming into the match, with the University sitting top of the National Student Esports (NSE) league table whilst Coventry are slumped down in 20th position. A strong showing against local rivals would be a huge boost in the build-up to the upcoming NSE Championships.

The well-drilled Warwick side easily took the first two matches, with Static’s Mei coming in clutch with some perfectly timed Ice Walls that disrupted Phoenix’s advances, and Tanski’s Reinhardt proving impenetrable for the Coventry side. Jokes were flying during the breaks, with Warwick taunting Coventry in the chat with links to WikiHow guides on how to play Overwatch.

They failed to capture the first point quickly enough to give them enough time to attack the second stage

The assault clash on Hanamura thwarted the Angels’ chance for a clean sweep. They failed to capture the first point quickly enough to give them enough time to attack the second stage, leaving them vulnerable to a shock Coventry victory. Some solid defence from the Warwick team crushed Coventry’s chance at stealing the points, leading to the third match ending in a stalemate, much to Warwick’s annoyance.

Tanski’s frustration at drawing the third game speaks volumes of the winning mentality the Warwick Overwatch team have. The Angels quickly regained their focus in the match on Havana, managing to beat out a resurgent Coventry by just a few metres in the escort mode after Holysway2’s Widowmaker continually picked off the weaker members of the Coventry team. The Angels claimed a crushing 3-0 win over the Phoenix to extend Warwick’s commanding lead in Varsity even further.

Speaking after the match, Tanksi picked out Static’s Mei work as the key to victory, and also reinforced the confidence Warwick had going into this match, stating that “We knew how we would win, we just had to wait for the right moments”. 

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