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Coronavirus at Warwick: 141 active cases of Covid-19 among staff and students

The University of Warwick has confirmed that there are 141 active cases* of Covid-19 among staff and students, as of 26 October. 

Of these 141 cases, 20 are on campus and 121 are off campus. 3 staff are confirmed to have tested positive for Covid-19.

The number of cases on campus and the overall total are both down from the figures last week (19 October). Last week 181 active cases were recorded in total, with 103 on campus. These numbers are down for the second week in a row. Off campus active cases have increased this week from the 78 cases reported last week.

Active cases off campus have increased every week since the University began providing figures.

The percentage change of total cases confirmed by the University is a 22% decrease. Cases have decrease by 81% on campus and increased by 55% off campus.

The University has been providing figures weekly since 5 October.

The figures include individuals who have been tested at the University’s Test and Trace service on campus, as well as positive tests reported by individuals who have been tested elsewhere.

The University has been operating its own Test and Trace service since 9 September. Students and staff can book an appointment for a self-administered test which is operating from portable cabins to the rear of the Medical School Building on Gibbet Hill campus.

*The University defines an active case as one where an individual has tested positive for Covid-19 and is in the 10-day isolation period. The figures are not cumulative. 

This article will be updated weekly. 


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