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University of Warwick spends almost £100,000 on Covid-19 preparation measures

The University of Warwick has spent almost £100,000 on Covid-19 related purchases, in preparation for the new academic year.

A Freedom of Information (FoI) request by The Boar has revealed that up to 31 July 2020, £99,000 has been spent by the University on Covid-19 related items.

Of the £99,000, £38,000 was spent on cleaning materials, including hand sanitiser. £26,000 was spent on signage, “with the balance on various small value categories”.

Hand sanitiser points are now in place across campus, at the entrances and exits of buildings and in places where it is difficult for people to wash their hands with soap and water.

“Signs, stickers, posters and digital screens” have been implemented around campus to remind students and staff of social distancing measures and the one-way system around buildings.

The FoI request stated: “The University has not prepared data for 2020/21 yet and Covid-19 related spend continually updates as risk assessments are continuously carried out and updated as guidance changes and evolves.”

In August, the University announced that face coverings will be mandatory in indoor spaces on campus.

The University is intending to issue a free reusable face covering for all students and staff.

The FoI request revealed that over 35,000 face coverings have been ordered “in time for staff members and students to be in receipt of for their attendance on campus”.

The University could not tell The Boar how much more it anticipates to spend on Covid-19 related costs, but said: “The University will spend what is needed to maintain a Covid-19 safe campus to our students and staff, as well as visitors to our campuses.

“The University may buy further items and materials but it has not finalised all of its potential purchases, as guidance continues to change and evolve.”


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