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BREAKING: Face coverings will be mandatory in indoor spaces across campus

The University of Warwick has announced that face coverings will be mandatory for students, staff and visitors “when working, studying or moving around indoor spaces” on campus. 

In an email sent to students, the University said that they have “carefully reviewed the arguments for and against the wearing of coverings” and have decided to make it mandatory, with exceptions.

The University’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) state: “We are currently evaluating how we ensure observance of this requirement.”

Exceptions include those who cannot “put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a disability or long term physical or mental health condition”, “if using a face covering would harm or injure you or others”. 

Other exceptions include “in uncrowded, outdoor spaces”, “in a room or vehicle alone”, “eating and drinking”, taking medication, “if a police officer asks for it to be removed for identification purposes”, and “if you are with someone that has trouble understanding you with your mask on”. 

Face coverings are not needed when students are in their allocated kitchen group or within their own home.

The policy does not extend to buildings where a “departmental risk assessment” has deemed them unnecessary, which includes the Sports and Wellness Hub and research labs.

Face coverings will be required during teaching activities, shared office space and when moving through halls of residence.

The University is intending to issue a free reusable face covering to staff and students attending campus. 

The FAQ’s continued: “When you’re out and about on or off campus, you’re expected to follow the rules on face coverings set out by UK Government and local businesses.”

The policy does not extend to buildings owned by the Students’ Union (SU), as SU President Luke Mepham told The Boar that they are “unsure” of what policy the SU will adopt.

The information can be found here.


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