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Facing the realities of post-university life

Life after graduation will always be uncertain so the most important thing for all Warwick students to do is appreciate their time at university so far. Even though it is deeply saddening that term three has effectively been cancelled, there are hopefully still fond memories from this year to appreciate. The hardest time has to be for third years, who won’t get the opportunity of enjoying their final term, but still have exams to endure.

Despite being in my first year, I imagine looking towards the future for life after graduation was always going to be tricky, whether or not our final term was cancelled.

This is why it is necessary to consider the future. Life after the comfort of university, where no permanent job is needed, will obviously be different. I speak as someone who isn’t certain about my own path in the world. It seems a long way off, but I know it is barely two years away. That will fly by. While I am considering entering the field of journalism, I don’t yet want to rule anything out.

We each go through different experiences which shape our lives

This is, I hope, the right attitude to take. Being open to different options is no bad thing. The main options after undergraduate study are either postgraduate courses, like a Master’s degree, or the world of work. While some courses combine study and work, others are focused on pursuing the academic knowledge of that subject. The range of options is broad.

Everyone’s academic and employment experience is going to be different. That is all a part of being human as we each go through different experiences which shape our lives. However, it’s helpful to look at the journeys of others. Perhaps it could be a famous person you aspire to be or a guest speaker relating to your subject that could provide assistance.

By understanding someone else’s journey, the future experiences after university can become more manageable and easier to grasp. It shows that others have survived the university experience and have managed to gain a successful career.

Nobody can ever be completely sure about the future

You may decide that future academic study is not the route for you. For many, undergraduate study is more than enough. There is nothing to be lost from looking at the websites and course outlines of postgraduate study. A whole range of learning is offered across the country and even across the world, that may link perfectly to your future interests.

The important thing is taking the time to research courses and decide whether they match your interests. Spending thousands on a course that was neither helpful for your career or didn’t excite you would be reckless and a waste of time for all.

Nobody can ever be completely sure about the future. The stages after graduation are extremely important ones in our lives. Rushing into anything without considering different options wouldn’t be wise. Asking family members for advice provides helpful solutions as they offer views on the best way forward.

Things may appear scary and our future may be uncertain

Similarly, subject tutors are likely to have offered advice to previous students and seen the best future pathways. While everyone is different, hearing about someone else’s route is reassuring.

As a first year, it is tricky to remember what I thought of university before arriving. I can’t imagine what it is like for a third year who arrived long before myself. I remember the nerves and worry beforehand didn’t match reality.

Once I got here, things became far easier. There were obviously hard times and tricky moments but the experience has been far more positive than I would have imagined. This is likely to be the case after graduation.

Things may appear scary and our future may be uncertain but we have our whole lives ahead of us and despite everything – there has never been a better time to be alive. Take stock, look at the range of options and remember to enjoy yourself. Living in the present, appreciating the past and considering the future is a tricky balancing act, but it is one we can all manage. Good luck.

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