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BREAKING: Details of online Summer assessments announced

The University of Warwick has announced further details for intermediate and final year online assessments.

A newsletter from the University of Warwick has been published which details the four “major changes” to the exam experience of intermediate and final year students.

The first change is that all assessments will have a “24-hour assessment window” to be completed to account for time zone differences.

All assessments have an additional 45 minutes allocated to “download your assessment and upload your answers”. The newsletter advised students “Not to assume that this additional 45 minutes can be used for additional working time”.

The second major change is the creation of an Alternative Exams Portal (AEP), which will allow students to access their exam timetable and assessments once it goes live on the 8 April.

The exam timetable for May and June examinations will be released after 21 April. The newsletter also includes a guide on how to use the AEP.

The third change is that exams have been replaced by five different types of online assessment. These include: Assignments, open book assessments, file based open book exams, multiple choice question sets and spoken exams.

For exams that have been replaced by assignments, the newsletter states: “These will be organised by your department and are not scheduled in the timetable. Your department will contact you about these in due course.”

The final change is that the University has updated its academic integrity procedures in line with the new forms of assessments.

The newsletter states: “You are not allowed to work with anyone else on your assessments. This includes students, family, friends or anyone else. Only where the assessment explicitly asks you to work with others is this allowed.”

A series of new measures have been implemented to ensure the academic integrity of these assessments. Students may be asked to submit “drafts saved at the halfway point and when three-quarters of the allotted time has passed”.

Up to 10% of students on a module may be contacted by the module convenor to provide a “sampling conversation”, which discusses “your assessment, your approach, process and answers”.

The full update from the University can be found here.



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