A 19 year old man has died after taking "red bull" pill at Leamington's Assembly.
Image: Harry Kite / The Boar

Young man dies after taking MDMA at the Assembly in Leamington

A young man has died after taking what is believed to be MDMA at a club night at the Assembly, Leamington Spa. 

The Boar understands that the 19-year-old man concerned was not a student at the University of Warwick.

He reportedly took a “Red Bull” pill at a drum and bass event at the Assembly, alongside several others who were taken ill. One 22-year-old woman remains in hospital after falling ill at the event.

In a statement on Twitter, the Assembly, which reopened last September, said: “We are extremely saddened by the tragic incident which occurred last night and extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends at this very sad time.”

“We take the wellbeing of our customers extremely seriously, we continue to work closely with Warwickshire Police and reiterate our zero policy on drugs in our venue.”

Warwickshire Police have said that the pill which caused the death is “believed to be a red hexagonal pill”.

They also issued a warning about the danger of this batch of ecstasy pills which stated: “A 19-year-man has died and a woman is seriously ill in hospital, after they are believed to have taken MDMA in Leamington in the early hours of this morning (Saturday 1 February).”

Pete Hill, Detective Superintendent of Warwickshire Police, said: “Whilst the cause of death has not been confirmed and we are keeping an open mind as to whether the substance caused a bad reaction or an overdose, we would advise anyone who has also taken it to seek medical advice.”  

We and Coventry University are both sharing information about the circumstances at the request of Warwickshire police

– University of Warwick

“We would also ask anyone who purchased any pills but have not yet taken them to please safely dispose of them.”

Police were reportedly called to the scene at 5am. The man was then taken to hospital where he later passed away.

Warwickshire Police called on those who had friends at the event to check on their well-being, particularly if they had taken MDMA.

The University told The Boar: “We and Coventry University are both sharing information about the circumstances at the request of Warwickshire police.”

A warning was issued to students via a push notification on the University’s mobile application on 1 February, MyWarwick. It said: “MDMA pills are being circulated in Leamington and Coventry which are making people seriously ill.”

The sold out event was hosted by promoters ‘DnB Allstars’, and featured a number of prominent drum and bass artists including Hybrid Minds, Bou and Ac13.

A post on Warwickfessions expressed outrage at the Assembly, alleging the management “packed out the club with far too many people… and anticipated that loads of people would be taking drugs so charged £5 for water”.

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