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Warwick ranked in top three UK universities most sought after by employers

The University of Warwick has been ranked as one of the top three UK universities for sought-after “High Flier” graduates by leading employers in the UK Graduate Careers Survey.

The University regularly ranks within the top five according to this annual survey conducted by High Fliers Research Ltd., and has risen one place from 4th to 3rd in the past year.

The University also performs well in other graduate employment rankings: in 2018 Warwick ranked in the top 100 universities globally for employability, achieving the rank of 75th in the world.

The survey is one of the largest to focus on the employment of final-year students across the UK. High Fliers Research Ltd. uses interviews with 20,000 finalist students, in addition to on-campus research into student job hunters to gather information for the survey.

Professor Pat Tissington, the University’s academic director for employability and skills, praised the University’s achievements saying: “Warwick is renowned for producing graduates with the skills, commitment and world-ready outlook to succeed in the global workplace.”

He added: “This result is yet more confirmation of the exceptional ability and drive of Warwick’s graduates.”

This result is yet more confirmation of the exceptional ability and drive of Warwick’s graduates

– Pat Tissington

The High Fliers Research Ltd. report stated: “The ten universities targeted by the largest number of top graduate employers in 2019-2020 are Manchester, Birmingham, Warwick, Bristol, Cambridge, Nottingham, Leeds, University College London, Sheffield and Oxford.”

Recently, the government released new data which aims to “help students make informed choices about higher education”, calculating their potential earnings based on their chosen degree course, the university they attend, and the area they live in.

The data “shows what graduates from each university earn in different regions of the UK today”, and has been published for the first time.

The data also demonstrates that graduates earn “on average around 20% more than their peers in the same region who did not go to university”, and Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has stated that ensuring higher education delivers a service which is good value for money is paramount for the government.


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