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The best time to book your next holiday

Holiday planning is always a nightmare, but it is even worse when you are on a tight budget. There are so many different airlines to fly with and so many hotels to choose from, it can all become quite overwhelming. If you want the most for your money, but also want to leave the stress behind, then hopefully my suggestions can help you when planning your next getaway.

It is common knowledge that planning a holiday in advance is bound to secure you a good deal

My first tip is to plan your trip in advance, and when you do, look out for sales. It is common knowledge that planning a holiday in advance is bound to secure you a good deal. However, be sure to check if there is a sale coming up soon, as sometimes waiting a few extra days can save you a lot of money. Ryanair often has seat sales throughout the year where they lower their already super cheap prices. This means you can grab a flight for as little as £9.99, and when it’s that cheap it would be rude to say no!

Secondly, comparison sites are a must if you are trying to keep the cost of your holiday to a minimum. It is surprising how varied prices for both flights and accommodation can be from one website to another. Skyscanner is a personal favourite of mine for comparing flight prices, whilst Trivago is great for accommodation. Do not be caught out – check a comparison site before booking anything holiday related, or you might regret it.

Look for when travel agents are having sales, this will help you to obtain a much-needed bargain

Although it may seem like a lot more effort, I suggest booking flights and accommodation separately as it can really guarantee you a huge saving. Holiday packages can be extortionately expensive, so it is worth taking the time to book each part individually. Yet, if you do still want the ease of having it all done for you, be sure to look for when travel agents are having sales, as this will help you to obtain a much-needed bargain!

Furthermore, Air B&B is also an excellent site to use and has been revolutionary for finding places to stay when going away. With over four million Air B&Bs worldwide, there is bound to be one for where you are visiting. All you need to do is set the search criteria to what you’re looking for. You can select what price range you are looking for, what location is good for you, and what type of accommodation you want – an entire place or a private room. It might not have the luxury of freshly made beds each day, or an all-inclusive option, but it definitely provides cheaper, better located places to stay. If that is not enough then it will even give you the chance to talk to a friendly local who will be full of great advice on what to do during your stay – what more could you want?

Do not let your holiday be ruined before it has even begun. Instead, say goodbye to the stress of holiday planning. Follow some of my top tips and you are bound to secure yourself a great deal!


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