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Travel without breaking the bank

Summer is all about taking a break from the rush and stress of uni life and venturing abroad is the perfect way to unwind. With thousands of destinations to choose from sometimes a holiday can mean a hit to your bank account. However, I have a few tips and tricks to help save you money and have an amazing holiday on a budget.


your luggage is put into the hold anyway

Book your flights on a different device to the one you have been researching on

Once you have decided where you want to go, the first step is to think about flights. Of course, some airlines are going to be cheaper than others with airlines, with Ryanair and EasyJet typically being more affordable than British Airways. When you are using price comparison websites make sure you are using Incognito mode on your laptop, as this will help to keep the prices down. When you have decided what flights, you want use a different laptop or device to book as websites put up their prices when they know you have been researching those particular flights.


Think carefully about luggage

As someone who flies with cheaper airlines regularly I know they still try to get more money off you by adding extras which are not included in the price you pay. For airlines like Ryanair this means luggage. If you are only going for a few days, then use a suitcase which fits the regulations for hand luggage so you can carry it on. This will save you around £40 as you are charged for your luggage both ways. Sometimes when you get to the airport your luggage is put into the hold anyway to save space at no extra cost to you!


it is easy to get caught up in the moment and you end up spending

Keep an eye on the exchange rate for your currency

The exchange rate of the currency you will need for the trip is something you will want to keep your eye on for a while before you go. Obviously, it is constantly changing! However, you may reach a price which is cheap for you to buy. Also, look at the different places where you could get your currency from. The Post Office or a Bureau de Change could have vastly different exchange rates.


Set a daily budget for what you want to spend

Saving money is all in the planning however, when you get on holiday it is easy to get caught up in the moment and you end up spending a lot more than you planned. To avoid this, think realistically about how much you will spend every day and then plan accordingly and stick to it.


a hotel might be the most attractive option

Research what there is to do before you go

If you do your research and know what different places you want to go to it will give you an idea of how much you could spend. Websites like TripAdvisor are your friend as people’s reviews of places lets you know if it is any good and gives you an indication of the price.


Think carefully about your accommodation

Whilst staying in a hotel might be the most attractive option when travelling abroad it is worth looking around. Hostels sometimes can be one of the cheaper alternatives and you can still get a private room. Another option is getting an Airbnb where you can set your budget and look at the reviews from people who have stayed there before which will let you know if it is any good.


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