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Essentials to remember when packing for Warwick

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been there: staring at the piles of boxes, thinking how on earth we manage to have so much stuff. “But it’s only the essentials!” we cry, before having a breakdown over the daunting task of packing up our room at the end of first year. Set aside the fourth white t-shirt you’re debating whether to bring or not, because here’s a few things you should always, always remember to pack.

Shoes for clubbing

Maybe you’re already a seasoned club-goer. Or maybe back home, your idea of a night out is a no-trainers, yes-heels kind of situation. Fortunately, when clubbing here at and around Warwick, it is perfectly normal to wear trainers on a night out (hallelujah). Although, chances are your pristine white Air Forces will be subjected to the sticky purple floor after one night in the Copper Rooms. So, bring a pair of shoes you’re happy to trash when on a night out. R.I.P., my first-year Vans, which ended up with a massive hole in the front, a peeling sole and someone else’s sick on them. (Tip: Bring shoes that you can stick in the washing machine!)

Alcohol (or a drink of your choice)

Freshers’ Week and university in general is definitely associated with a fair bit of alcohol. Your first week will probably revolve around pre-drinking in a variety of kitchens before events, or just to get to know each other. But if you don’t drink, don’t worry. It’s still a good idea to sit around in the kitchen as it’s a great way to make some friends and settle in. Instead of alcohol, why not treat yourself to one of your favourite soft drinks? Unfortunately, those sparkling mango Rubicons are probably going to be well out of reach on a university budget.


For the after-effects of all the drinking mentioned above. Or a killer headache, from that last-minute midnight library trip before a big deadline. Or for when you inevitably get freshers’ flu and feel like you’re on the cusp of death.


Shared kitchens are one word, and one word only. Disgusting. Walk on that floor barefoot or even in socks to your peril. When a pigeon’s flown in and ripped your bin open, and a mysterious combination of juices are spilling out, you’ll be grateful for those slip-on shoes when you’re grabbing a cup of tea.

Dressing gown

Don’t we all love those 2:45am fire alarms that seem to happen every week? (We certainly don’t). When the screeching starts, you’ll find yourself thinking, “maybe it’s a drill, maybe it will stop in twenty seconds”. Alas, some idiot has stumbled back from a night out, burnt some chicken nuggets and set off the alarm for the whole block. In the moment, you’ll be thanking the heavens for those aforementioned sliders and a warm, fluffy dressing gown as you grumble about the alarm going off the one night you made it to bed before 3am. A dressing gown, cosy all-round for you to wear whenever you want, will also save the day when circuit laundry has failed you once again and you have no clean clothes left.

“Fancy” dress

It’s definitely a university thing. That Teletubbies outfit your friend got you as a joke when you were thirteen? Bring it. A flower crown, a ‘Where’s Wally?’ top or a Spiderman mask will come in handy – you’ll find out why very soon. This is (probably) the only time in your life when you’ll wear quite so much “fancy” dress.

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