Foodie's guide to summer/ Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

A foodie’s guide to summer

Summer is a fun and vibrant time, so why not let your summer food be the same? For food lovers, there are plenty of ways to spend your summer. Here is a foodie’s guide to making the most of your time off from university…


The perfect picnic

Is there a better way to enjoy time as a couple or with family and friends than lounging in the warm weather with a basket full of tasty treats? My top tip for packing the perfect picnic is to always keep it simple. Too much fancy dressing on a picnic salad will make it go soggy – and nobody enjoys a soggy salad. And overloading your picnic basket with too many different foods always ends with food going to waste. Keep to the classics and pack some portable snacks like sausage rolls and scotch eggs.

If you’re going for a high-end picnic, make sure to pack a selection of delicatessen delights. You could even go healthy with an array of freshly chopped, vibrant veg, such as carrots, cucumber, or peppers to dip in some low-fat hummus. And remember your ice blocks, because nobody likes their food warm and sweaty…!


A family favourite – the BBQ

A barbecue is a fantastic way to get all the family together and feed them without any hassle or stress. And why not try something different to the typical and arguably boring burgers and hotdogs? Mix it up with halloumi and chicken skewers. They are easy and fun to prepare, and taste a treat when cooked on the barbecue. Alternatively, swap the chicken out for red peppers for the veggies in the family. If you really want to impress, marinate salmon in a dressing of your choice (sweet chilli or a citrus dressing works well) wrap in tin foil, and barbecue away. Not only is it mouth-wateringly good, but it will have all your guests pleasantly surprised.


Mix it up – the paella

This is the favourite dish of many Spaniards, and for good reason! Why not make a change from the typical family summer barbecue and try something a bit different? A paella is a great alternative, as it can still be cooked outside on the barbecue and will provide a delicious meal for all the family. You might be put off by the classic paella ingredients, consisting of lots of seafood, but this can easily be substituted for a meaty alternative of chicken and chorizo, or with lots of fresh vegetables for a vegetarian version. Mix it up this summer and try something new by adding the paella to your foodie to do list.


Food festivals

Summertime brings an array of food festivals up and down the country. With plenty to choose from, it means that there is something to cater for every dietary requirement. From vegan fests to London’s Meatopia, there is plenty to get your teeth into. With many serving the favourite dishes of a variety of countries, there is no need to book a holiday when the world will be served to you on a platter (or perhaps in a cardboard box, with a paper napkin!) So, swap out your tent and wellies for a hungry belly and a craving to try some new delights, and enjoy what the UK’s wide range of food festivals have to offer.


Fruit picking

With an endless list of fruit farms that allow you to pick your own throughout the UK, this, in my opinion, is the best way to enjoy nature’s goodies. Not only does it provide a fun day out, but it also allows you to pick the best and biggest strawberries, raspberries (or whatever you choose). There simply is nothing better than the taste of fresh fruit. Except maybe the knowledge that you have helped to support a local business. A win-win situation all round.


Summer is the season of great food and great flavour, so do not miss out. Shake up your typical eating habits and try something new by using a few of my top foodie tips for this summer.


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