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Stagecoach implements new fares for buses to Leamington and Coventry

Stagecoach has introduced new bus fares for many of their services to Leamington and Coventry and around Warwickshire, which will come into effect on 14 April.

Changes have been made to tickets for travel to Leamington and Coventry, as well as bus passes and Young Person tickets.

Overall, single tickets will be increased by 10p and return tickets by 20p. Group tickets are unaffected and will still allow three adults to travel at the cost of two.

Students staying on and off campus throughout the summer can also buy a Unirider ticket covering one term and the summer holiday valid from 18 March to 22 September for £181.

The Leamington dayrider ticket has been reduced by 10%, which means those buying a single day ticket will save 50p.

The Leamington Young Person, Adult, and Group Dayrider tickets will cost £3.80, £5 and £10 respectively. For Coventry, the same tickets will be £3.40, £4.50 and £9.

The age limit on buying Young Person tickets has been extended from 15 to 19 years old. Children and young people will receive a discount worth 25% off the standard adult fare for all tickets.

In mid-July, Young Person seven-day and 28-day tickets will be released. Passengers under 19 can benefit from the aforementioned discount.

For now, the seven-day pass to Leamington and Warwick will be reduced to £16.50, and the 28-day pass to £62, originally £65.

Termly passes for students up to 18 years old will also benefit from the 25% off discount.

Young people are amongst the biggest winners with the age range increased from 15 to under 19

– Phil Medicott

To compensate for the price decreases, weekly and monthly Leamington Plus tickets for buses operating between Leamington, Kenilworth and Hatton Park will increase.

The weekly ticket will increase to £23.50 and the 28-day ticket to £89. Students wishing to purchase a Leamington Plus ticket on a one-off basis will not be affected by this increase as the one-day ticket is to decrease by 60p to £8.20.

Stagecoach has also expanded the Megarider Plus Zone, which is now set to cover areas from Coventry to Kenilworth and Binley Woods.

Day tickets for the expanded zone will be 20p cheaper at £4.50. Weekly tickets will decrease from £21.30 to £16.50. The 28-day ticket will fall by £13 to £62.

Speaking about the new fares, Managing Director of Stagecoach Midlands Phil Medicott noted that it was a “huge undertaking” as it is “rare to see prices dropping by a massive 23%”.

“Young people are amongst the biggest winners with the age range increased from 15 to under 19,” he commented. “We need to ensure that we encourage young people to stay with public transport to help tackle the catastrophic congestion we see on the roads throughout our cities and towns.”

The University of Warwick’s Students’ Union (SU) provides a platform for students to voice their concerns with Stagecoach, to ensure that the company continues to make positive inroads in providing the optimum bus service for Warwick students.


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