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Varsity Day 1 Results: Warwick take commanding lead over Coventry

Varsity 2019 kicked off yesterday with Warwick taking a commanding lead, already winning 2 points more than Coventry gained over the entire weekend last year. Here are the results from Day 1, full match reports from The Boar will be available shortly. Victories came in events ranging from Karting to Snowsports. For each event the winning university is awarded 2 points, with the points shared in the event of a draw. Make sure to follow @BoarSport on Twitter for live updates as the day progresses.

End of Friday: Warwick 16-4 Coventry

Equestrian (10:30 AM, Talland School of Equitation) Warwick 183.5 penalties – 444.5 penalties Coventry

Golf (10:30 AM, Kenilworth Golf Club) Warwick 1-5 Coventry

Snowsports (15:00 PM, Ackers Birmingham) Warwick 21-19 Coventry

Women’s Futsal (15:00 PM, Desso Hall) Warwick 1-1 Coventry

Fencing (16:00 PM, Main Hall) Warwick 135-70 Coventry

Climbing (17:00 PM, Ballroom Bouldering) Warwick 192-131 Coventry

Men’s Futsal (17:45 PM, Desso Hall) Warwick 9-3 Coventry

Karting (18:00 PM, Daytona Tamworth) Warwick 52-49 Coventry

Snooker (19:00 PM, Arches Snooker Venue Ltd) Warwick 15-5 Coventry

Men’s Football (19:30 PM, Cryfield Centre) Warwick 0-0 Coventry


Warwick had already secured their Varsity win over Coventry by Saturday last year, and another good set of results today could see them do the same. Warwick have beaten Coventry in Varsity for the past 28 years in a row.




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