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Reasons why you should be watching K dramas

Korean drama (k-drama) is just something that you must at least try watching once, even if you think it’s not for you. Aside from it being something great to watch in general, watching K-drama gives you an insight into Korean culture, allows you to pick up Korean phrases and will make you want to visit South Korea. It could also lead to a lot of binge-watching – just a warning.

Still, here we go, 10 reasons why you must try it:

Although known for being all about romance, shocking discoveries of birth secrets and terminal illnesses, there are actually a whole range of genres as well as dramas of varying length, from two episodes to fifty plus. (Historical dramas tend to be the longest although quite a lot of dramas like to have the first part set when the characters are younger and then the rest set in the present, or flashbacks – basically there’s a lot jumping around on the timeline.)

The acting is very good – I mean it’s a basic that you want to watch something with good acting, but the acting is really good even for the little kids, and just because an actor or actress is new, doesn’t mean we lose quality.

The OSTs are amazing – OSTs or Original Sound Tracks are so addictive that you’ll find yourself desperate to listen to them all the time, especially when you are waiting for the next episode. The great thing is that a lot of them can listened to on Spotify, so it can become the soundtrack to your life!

As already mentioned, you pick up a lot on Korean culture and end up learning while relaxing.

It’s a great way of escaping your mundane, un-eventful life – there’s always tons of melodramatic (and improbable) happenings in K-dramas.

You can join the fandoms out there, ship incredibly aesthetically pleasing couples and laugh along at all the strange but relatable things the ditzy main character does

Watch for the fashion inspiration. Although we can’t all pull off the slightly more out-there pieces some of the actors and actresses wear, there are certain outfits and trends that we can be inspired by.

Korean dramas generally only have one season, which can be sad when you love a drama, but it does mean that there’s no chance for the quality of the show to go downhill after the nth season.

Korean dramas do romance in a way like nobody else does.

Very cathartic – Korean dramas will throw you on an emotional rollercoaster allowing you the therapeutic experience of hating on the evil mother-in-law or howling at the unfortunate experiences of the main character, but also of course feeling elated at the end when they get their happy-ever-after.


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