University of Warwick Polo Club
University of Warwick Polo Club

Why you should join… Polo

In the eleventh piece in the renewed “Why you should join” series, the Warwick Polo Club tell us what they’re all about. 


The University of Warwick Polo Club is unique and offers exciting opportunities- often half of the new joiners to the club have never ridden a horse before! Frequently, some of these people go on to be part of the top teams in the club. As National Champions for the past 5 years you would not only be joining an amazing sports club, but you would also be joining a family. We are an inclusive and close-knit group and all know each other incredibly well. We organise lots of socials, regular ‘family’ dinners and many activities outside the university. Polo is a team sport and communication is the key to our success! The nature of the club is created through our members and socials have played a significant role in our ongoing achievements.

Polo is not just a sport, it is a way of living

What many people don’t realise is Polo is a mixed sport and welcomes players of all abilities. Everyone has the opportunity to compete in this fast and exciting game no matter your ability. We have two major tournaments throughout the year, Winter and Summer Nationals, where we compete against 50+ universities from across the UK. We also partake in several other challenges and friendlies throughout the year to maintain our competitive edge. This means we establish new relationships with other universities, particularly as all events are always followed by an integrated social!

Polo is not just a sport, it is a way of living- once you start polo you can never get enough of it! Often people never think about trying Polo but just seeing the stand at the sports fair you’ll know it’s worth your time. Being a university student provides the time as well as an opportunity to learn in an affordable manner. UWPC is fortunate to train right on our doorstep, 5 minutes outside of Leamington which means there is flexibility around your timetable as we host lessons every day of the week!

“I loved the fact that everyone welcomed us ‘freshers’ as if we have always been here! It is an amazing feeling when you first join the team and you feel as if you fit right in. It’s never something I thought of doing, but seeing the fast-paced action and the amazing sensation attached I knew I had to try! I’ve never looked back!” Julie Deschaud, Marketing Exec UWPC.



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