University of Warwick Women's Netball Club
University of Warwick Women's Netball Club

Why you should join… Women’s Netball

As the Boar Sport moves forward with this year’s “Why you should join” series, Liv Watson over at the Women’s Netball Club tells us about what makes it the club to join.


According to American films and inaccurate yet far too frequently used stereotypes, female university sports clubs are often portrayed as hostile and judgemental environments. So I, being wildly socially inept, was a bit wary of playing netball here at Warwick. UWWNC (University of Warwick Women’s Netball Club) is the biggest women’s sports club on campus, and I was ready to be just another fresher – a metaphorical punching bag for the ‘scary’ older girls. Now, I’m not one for admitting to having been wrong, but I was very wrong. The netball girls have become a family, as clichéd as it sounds. Every Wednesday we circle – a social event that is too difficult to describe on paper – and every year there is the chance to go on two tours, both foreign and domestic. Whether it be the sport or the social side, we all share a love for Women’s Netball (I regularly cry about it- sad, I know). You can be as involved in the club as you want and the support of the netball family is always still there.

Throughout the academic year there are opportunities to do volunteer work and raise money for our chosen charity

Through the club I’ve had so many new experiences. Admittedly, most of them are netball-related such as learning to umpire, coaching primary school children, and watching Wasps super-league games, but we also spend our time away from the sport. Throughout the academic year there are opportunities to do volunteer work and raise money for our chosen charity. Last year, events such as Christmas ball and our charity tournament helped raise £3500 for, a total that was boosted by five members getting sponsored to walk 100km across the Cotswolds. Our aforementioned charity tournament was attended by many clubs and societies and is just one of the events we do to build bridges with different sports clubs. Others include joint bar crawls, our “ones to watch” scheme and perhaps most importantly, Varsity. Varsity is the annual competition against Coventry University and a chance for everyone to support Team Warwick across multiple sports, including Women’s Netball.

Finally, the end of the year finished off with sports ball; a chance to do Christmas ball again in slightly warmer weather. It’s a time to celebrate being a member of the fantastic Women’s Netball Club- and take lots of photos.

I would highly recommend getting involved and finding out about the netball club, as no matter your previous experience there is a place for everyone – with three BUCS teams, two development teams and multiple social teams. 




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