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Warwick at the Fringe: Timpson, the musical

Every year, Warwick sends a plethora of creative and committed students to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Throughout July, the Boar Arts will be previewing this year’s productions and celebrating the range of talent Warwick Drama has to offer. Here we kick off our series by chatting to the team behind Timpson: the Musical.

What’s the concept?

Two warring houses. One ancient grudge. A whole lot of shoes. Can the warring houses of Montashoe and Keypulet be united by a pair of star-crossed lovers? Journey to Victorian London where Monty Montashoe and Keeleigh Keypulet, two young inventors bursting with ambition, strive to break free from their boring lives and follow their dreams! Sponsored by Timpson Ltd themselves, Gigglemug Theatre’s debut musical explaining the origin of Timpson is guaranteed hilarity for all the family.

How does the production show off Warwick drama to its best?

The majority of the production’s cast and crew are current or former members of Warwick Drama, showing the willingness of people, however active they are in this community, to come together to create great theatre.

Tell us about your cast. What makes them special?

Each of our cast members has a fantastically unique sense of humour which really brings this whacky show to life!

Sum up your show in three words.

Shoes. Keys. Madness.

If your show was a Warwick landmark, what would it be?

Our show would undoubtedly be the fox-like statue by the bus interchange because although we’re unusual, we’re certainly charging forward!

Where are you performing and when?

We are performing 1-12 and 14-27 August from 5:10-6:10 in C+3 in C Main.

Top tip for making the most of/surviving the Fringe?

Wear comfortable shoes as you’ll always be on your feet, and always remember your house key: you don’t want to be stranded in Edinburgh at night!

Anything else we should know?

The closest three Timpson shops to our venue are 143 St John’s Rd, 26 Queensferry St and 227 Morningside Rd. If your shoes need mending or your keys need cutting, you know where to go!

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