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Why you should join…Floorball

What is Floorball?

Floorball is a form of Indoor Hockey primarily played in Scandinavian countries, but with growing international popularity. It is a great way to keep fit and meet new people. As you arrive at Warwick University, why not try something completely different?

I’ve never played it before, is Floorball for me? 

Warwick University Floorball club prides itself on being a diverse, accessible and enjoyable experience for all members. In fact, 75% of the 2017/18 incoming executive for the club had never played the sport before coming to university. The basics are incredibly easy to pick up regardless of your ability or experience, and our training sessions will allow you to develop your personal skills at whatever rate you want. Whether you want to compete at an elite level, or simply want to attend socials and training – Floorball is a perfect club to join.

How does Floorball differ from other forms of Hockey?

Floorball is played entirely indoors, with a hollow ball and a double sided blade. Competitive games are played in three sessions of 20 minutes, with 6 players representing a team at any one time. The smaller playing field means emphasis is placed on fast positional play, accuracy and communication. Floorball is often referred to, in varying capacities, as Unihoc or Salibandy.

What competitive opportunities are available?

Our club is proud to play in the highest Midlands division of the UK Floorball Federation. 1st Team members (many of whom had never played the sport before University) travel the country to compete against other regional teams.

What are the socials like?

The club has a fun and inclusive social atmosphere. We run several domestic and international tours throughout the year (in 2016/17; we visited Bournemouth, Nottingham and Madrid) which are always incredibly popular with members. Furthermore, we have regular socials both on and off campus to appeal to every fresher. Whether you intend to go out every night, or don’t drink at all – you will find something to enjoy at Warwick Floorball.

How can I find out more and join the Club?

We will be posting in Fresher’s Facebook groups over the coming weeks – and this is a great way to find out more about the sport. Upon arriving at Warwick; come and visit the new Exec at the Sports Fair, where we can tell you about upcoming taster sessions. Finally, feel free to join the Club’s Facebook page (linked below) or email us if you have any questions/concerns. We hope to see you next year!


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