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#TeamWarwick athlete profiles: Snooker and Billiards

In our latest #TeamWarwick profile, Snooker & Billiards player Max Faulkner talks us through his love of the sport and his Varsity memories.

How long have you been playing Snooker and Billiards? 

Max Faulkner: I have been playing Snooker and Billiards competitively since my first year at University (2014). I had only played casually beforehand!

What drew you to the sport?

MF: I had played Snooker before and enjoyed the game, so I decided to chat to the exec on the desk at the fresher’s fair. After trying out the game at taster sessions, I was welcomed into the club wonderfully by the exec. The sport exhibits both a social and competitive environment, the combination of which is fantastic.

What does #TeamWarwick mean to you?

MF: Team Warwick provides a sense of pride and loyalty to inter-university competition which helps spur on performances of players. Being a part of Team Warwick also helps the players in the lower-ranked teams, such as the third team, to contribute to the university’s success in sport.

You’ve competed in Varsity before – what was the highlight of your Varsity games last year?

MF: Last year, we beat Coventry in spectacular fashion 19-1. When 19-0 up, looking for the whitewash, our then-president Stewart Ball got complacent and lost the final frame. To this day, we can’t let him forget that brilliant and entertaining moment!

Are there any special preparations you’re making for Varsity this year?

MF: We have practice sessions planned at our sponsors, SWSA in Gloucester, for term 2.

Do you have any pre-game/competition rituals?

MF: Not as such, but the spirit of snooker is to enjoy the game at all costs! Maybe a cheeky pint beforehand to settle the nerves could be considered as a ritual…!

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