Why I joined as a Fresher: Film Societies on Campus

BFT Film Production


Pablo with one of BFT’s infamous merchandise

I was a bit of a dilettante before coming to Warwick, consuming as much pop culture as I physically could. So when I came across BFT at the Fresher’s Fair, I jumped at the chance to look behind the celluloid screen and learn the process behind it. I started off by attending workshops by BFT but was soon thrown into the deep end as I had to produce a short film for BFTen- a competition in which ten teams had to make three minute films with a common theme. Although it seemed a daunting prospect at first, the BFT exec gave enough guidance and the rest of the crew were brilliant to work with, meaning the end result looked great. Whether you want to be the next Tarantino or just want to have a lark, BFT has it all. Even with my lack of experience, and frequent bouts of ineptitude, I was able to immerse myself with the society, with the multitude of projects available and a helpful team always there to back me. The socials aren’t half bad either.

-Rohithan Carthigeyan


I joined BFT society because cinema is a passion that is better enjoyed with good company. In BFT I have learned a lot about filmmaking and I have had the opportunity to participate in some amazing projects.

– Pablo Aguero


Warwick Student Cinema



Lord Farquaad from Shrek at WSCs annual outdoor screening

Sitting in my halls’ kitchen during my first week of term, the first thing that caught my eyes was a Warwick Student Cinema poster publicising a midnight screening of Evil Dead. I was greeted with friendly faces that urged me to join (coupled with free pizza and the attractive girl I met) eventually leading to me signing up for my second family at Warwick! Run very much like a professional cinema, what amazes me is the range of opportunities that the society presents. I learnt a fascinating new skill – film projection and if that doesn’t interest you, you can order people around as duty managers or work as stewards or even help out with the extensive marketing and publicity – all in return for free films! If working at a cinema isn’t your cuppa tea, you could always come watch the high quality screenings (in all genres and kinds) and attend social events and meet some wonderful people in the process. If you only become a member of one society, make it this one! 

-Reece Goodall




Vice President Anjana all set for the Societies Fair


Right from the beginning of my time at Warwick Student Cinema, I received a warm welcome and in time came to realise that this was somewhere I felt at home. There are so many ways of getting involved with the society, and you can do as much or as little as you like – which allows you to fit it around your day. This has to be one of the best things about the society. With such a large crew, there is always someone to help if you are unsure with what you are doing and the opportunities are endless!

– Anjana Radhakrishnan


 Film Studies Society



Film Studies “Prohibition” themed ball 2016

The Film Studies Society has always been more low-key than the majority of other Warwick societies, but I was drawn to it because I knew how tight-knit and friendly the film lover community could be and I haven’t regretted my decision at all. In the past year it has definitely become a more confident society and it has taken a more proactive approach in the sense that it’s ready to be louder and to advertise itself more – film buffs are fun and funny, our socials have been a blast so far (and we intend to be bigger and better this year) and all the events cater to all kinds of members, be they film students or simply casual film lovers. It’s a fun, laid back, adaptable, highly interactive and sociable society, so I encourage anyone to join it, regardless of their course or year!

-Alexandra Arsene



Richie, an active member of Film Studies Soc, also works as a Director of Photography

I joined Film Studies because it seemed like the best place to meet other people who were as interested In film as me. It also looked like a pretty social society that held really interesting events and weren’t afraid to have the odd drink (or twenty..). My favourite bit about it is definitely the friends I’ve made out of it!

-Ashmita Chakraborthy

I originally joined the society because my friend dragged me into it, but it’s been such a fun experience! The thing I loved the most was the Heroes vs Villains Halloween social, because everyone put a lot of thought into their costumes and it was just overall a great vibe for a night out! This year I will be helping out to film some promo videos and work as a photographer at their socials too.

– Archie Guinchard


Warwick TV


Jorun learning for brand new skills at WTV

I joined WTV as a cinematographer/director looking to make likeminded contacts and collaborate on projects. The best part about the society is the vast the array of opportunities that you have at hand to get involved with. If you are a newcomer, there is always a friendly bunch of people around to provide support if you need it especially with figuring out editing software. Free access to high level equipment equates to some fantastic filmmaking experience that you can do on your own or with a team from WTV. Being able to use the WTV name on your projects is also great, as this allows you to project your work onto further audiences, and it also makes you eligible to apply to the National Student Television awards at the end of the year!

-Ben Meads

Warwick TV compelled me to join from the very beginning. I was impressed by the high quality of the equipment, and the society has taught me how to operate different professional cameras and editing softwares. It’s a great place to start if you want to get involved with film and television in the future.

-Jorun Bork


Anime and Manga Society

I joined anime society simply because I wanted to meet people that love anime – it is something you can easily watch alone in your room but having other equally passionate people to share it with makes it a wholly wonderful experience! Built primarily around the viewing of anime with regular night screenings of shows voted for by the society and shows suggested by the exec. However, we are not just a venue for screenings but a host to a large library of anime and manga which members can borrow from, something that most fandom-based societies don’t own. The socials that include quiz nights, laser tag and society meals (your stomach capacity will be tested at Cosmos as it never has been). Overall, highly recommendable for anyone interested in meeting people who have a passion for anime and manga in a friendly environment that makes you feel right at home.

-Giles Allen Bowden

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