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Only 90s kids will remember…

My addiction to television shows started young. In fact, to a degree, I feel that I was a teenager as a child, because I’d be perfectly content sleeping in late and watching hours of cartoons after coming home from school.

Sadly, I can’t do this as much now, but I gleefully watched every episode of the new reboot of The Powerpuff Girls. In fact, there is a glorious number of reboots on the horizon – Nickelodeon have promised Rugrats and Hey! Arnold reboots, teasing the possibility of more in the future.

For simple, light-hearted amusement, Dexter’s Laboratory would be another amazing addition from Cartoon Network in addition to its sister cartoon, The Powerpuff Girls. As a French student, I know whispering “omelette du fromage” is not the way to seduce someone – it’s actually “omelette au fromage”– but I loved watching the mad adventures of a flame-haired boy genius working in his secret laboratory, who is constantly interrupted by his bubbly older sister. Honestly, anyone with a sibling will get this show.

I don’t think I’d be alone in wishing for everyone’s favourite, Recess, to return to our screens

However, I don’t think I’d be alone in wishing for everyone’s favourite, Recess, to return to our screens. In my school, you were nobody if you didn’t keep up with the latest adventures of the coolest primary school gang: TJ, Vince, Spinelli, Mikey, Gretchen and Gus. I was obsessed with this, watching every episode and the TV movies, but with such a wide cast of colourful characters, it was never boring. Also, like any good cartoon, it was great at entertaining while having a deeper meaning, to the extent that it commented on the adult world within the playground microcosm.

Finally, for some reason, I’d love to see more episodes of the show that gave me nightmares as a kid. The hilariously named Courage the Cowardly Dog saw the small pink dog having to save his oblivious farmer owners, the cranky Eustace and sweet Muriel Bagge from all kinds of paranormal and creepy dangers. In other words, this show was all kinds of messed up.

Some other Cartoon Network shows were implicitly weird such as a fan theory suggesting that the cartoon Ed, Edd and Eddy was actually depicting children who had died over various decades and gone to purgatory. However, the animators literally tortured Courage on the show to the extent that they would depict a range of screams for his character.

Even if Cartoon Network deny me the joy of being terrified by a demonic foetus blob, or I can’t reminisce over simpler times with Disney’s motley crew, I’d definitely recommend a nostalgic re-watch of the original episodes.

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